Commercial Services

- Market study and strategic implementation plans
- Direct sales
- Business development
- Channel management
- Project management
- Marketing programs
- Product management

Engineering Services

- Technical project management
- Pre & Post sales consultancy and support
- Architectural and system development
- Project management
- Product Management
- Training

Working together to build exceptional levels of service for your customers and providing a 'soft start' to the investment and growth of a new region or product line can often ensure that investment and growth targets can be well matched.

eurama works on behalf of clients to develop a strategic plan, aggressive but achievable targets, a clear timeline to the next phase of growth and a clear and well articulated execution plan.

This can be anything from a market study and plan through to a 3-12 month project plan and onto full sales team and distribution hiring and management. This ensures that at all times the correct level of resource is applied and the growth potential is lined up to deliver opportunity as it is generated.

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